The Importance of LEED Certification

It is becoming increasingly important to be LEED Certified for big buildings and electicity companies for many reasons. LEED, an acronym which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, is a set of building systems developed by the United States Green Building Council, or USGBC. LEED is the most comprehensive and difficult certification to attain, making it an impressive attribute to have and while other industry certifications may have lower standards, LEED certification means you will meet those standards as well. With society today becoming increasingly concerned with being “green” and creating sustainable resources, LEED certification has never been more important.

The benefits of being a LEED certified building include but are not limited to water efficiency, lower cost of operation, waste and greenhouse gas emission reduction, and an over all safer building. As a bonus, most cities offer tax rebates, zoning allowances and other very interesting incentives to companies have a LEED certification. These incentives along with the benefits to the environment make being LEED certified very important.

LEED certification provides the public with obvious knowledge of environmental achievement. Similar to the logo of certain brands, companies that have a LEED certification will be known to be participating in important strides to make our Earth sustainable and safe. When a building is being built, remodeled, or managed according to the standards of the LEED certification, it is a automatic sign of a company’s commitment to the environment.

Lastly, LEED Certification is important because an out side, third party organization is approving and validating a building performance. It is an unbiased certification that a building was created to be green and run efficiently on its own. The nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings was developed through a consensus based process, making it fair with a points system. Within this points system, building projects earn LEED points for achieving specific green building criteria. Within each of the seven LEED credit categories, projects must obtain particular prerequisites and earn points for them.

The United States Green Building Council has created a unique way of marking buildings with excellence by becoming LEED certified. These green and environmentally friendly standards are an important part of our future. Becoming LEED Certified is one of the most important things you can do for your building or company.

The first thing to understand is that the term organic actually has a defined meaning. It is defined on the federal level as foods that have been grown without pesticides or certain chemicals although it does allow for some agricultural products to be used on crops. Additionally, some states and cities have amended the definition so that it is stricter. Any non-meat product that is labeled as organic does have to meet certain standards.

The issue becomes more muddled because many grocery stores and food manufacturers Read the rest of this entry »

Organic Makeup that Is Just as Good as the Name Brands

Organic makeup has come a long way from its humble roots. Name brand cosmetics companies have a major stake in the makeup industry and are not willing to give up much control. However, small, innovative companies have pushed forward to address the needs of consumers seeking products made naturally without artificial ingredients.

The organic cosmetics company NVEY makes a line of products that are as good as name brand cosmetics. This includes products such as foundation and face powder. These products use natural colorants from the Read the rest of this entry »

Although engines fueled by alcohol have existed since 1826, high taxes on alcohol and government subsidies for oil production led automobile manufacturers to favor gasoline combustion engines. However, with the increasing scarcity of petroleum and greenhouse gases threatening the world’s climate, scientists are stepping up efforts to develop sustainable biofuels.

The most common biofuel is ethanol derived from corn. To a lesser extent, soybeans are also used to make fuel. Due to modern industrial farming techniques, these crops require huge inputs of energy and water to grow. Although corn is Read the rest of this entry »

Some people who have the conviction to live organically get teased about it, but this is often because others feel threatened that they are being judged for not adhering to the same standards. If you want to live green but don’t want to face derision, the first thing to do is not to rub other people’s faces in it. Nobody likes being made to feel inferior. If you merely do what feels right to you without belittling others, you will be far less likely to draw ire.

Beyond that, you should just take simple steps to Read the rest of this entry »

Make No-Bake Organic Cookies Everyone Is Sure to Love

Cookies are usually a hit with everyone at parties and at home. Most people bake cookies with typical ingredients like chocolate, flour and sugar. Did you know that you can make delicious no-bake cookies that are organic? Because of the latest diets and health concerns, you can find ingredients at your local grocery store that are organic. You can even find an entire cookie mix that is organic if you don’t want to make the cookies from scratch. Read the rest of this entry »

Living a healthier life involves exercising more and making major changes to your everyday diet. Most of the food you are currently eating is probably completely processed and does nothing for your overall health. The best way to begin a healthier lifestyle is by making small changes that you can actually stick with. It is going to be difficult for you to go from an all-processed junk food diet to a vegetarian one, so making smaller changes is really what is going to help you stick with it in the long run.

Eating Read the rest of this entry »